Veal on the agenda during state visit to China

King Willem-Alexander shakes hands with Henny Swinkels (VanDrie Group) during a meeting of the state visit to China.

The Dutch King and Queen's state visit to China will be closely followed by a trade delegation from the Dutch agriculture and food sector. The delegation, led by Dutch Minister of Agriculture Ms. Sharon Dijksma, is working on gaining entry to the Chinese market.

During the state visit, access to the Chinese market for Dutch veal was discussed several times. Chinese President Xi Jinping also broached the subject in the presence of the King and the Excellencies. The president stated that he considers the veal dossier important and that he wishes to have the product available quickly in China.

Henny Swinkels: "The Chinese president's statements are reason for a positive outlook. From them, I expect market access for veal to be handled with priority. Together with the Dutch national government, the VanDrie Group has actively worked to sell veal products to China since 2005. A breakthrough in this dossier would be great."

Minister Dijksma also shares this positive feeling. Swinkels: "The Minister and her civil servants have in recent years worked hard on gaining market access for veal. According to her, the efforts of the Dutch national government together with those of the business world will lead to the success of this dossier."

In China, a significant increase in meat consumption due to increasing affluence has been observed for years. In addition, the demand for Western consumer products is on the rise. Chinese consumers are interested in products that meet strict food safety requirements. As veal is tender, accessible, easy to prepare and meets the desired safety requirements, it is a product that would fit the Chinese demand well.