ESA, specialist in veal

ESA manufactures a wide range of veal products tailored to suit the wishes of the customer. ESA supplies its veal to a large number of contacts all over the world. Our veal products are transported to wholesalers, retailers, food service concerns and the meat-processing industry. ESA is part of VanDrie Group. VanDrie Group is not only the world’s largest market leader in veal, but also a company built on the best family traditions.


Wide range of veal products

Customers can buy whole calves or parts of calves from ESA, but we also supply all the technical parts, either whole, skinned or in portions. At ESA, we select our veal with the utmost care, always put the customer first and guarantee constant high-quality veal and beef. All our calves are 'halal' slaughtered. In addition to fresh veal, ESA also supplies frozen veal. Packaging is also done in the way requested by the client: boxes, foil and product information stickers are produced according to agreed specifications. ESA works in close cooperation with the most up-to-date cold-storage warehouses, where the highest priority is given to qualitative processing of the frozen products.

The veal slaughterhouse is one of the biggest and most up-to-date slaughterhouses and veal-processing companies in Europe. This slaughterhouse holds all the relevant ISO Quality, HACCP and BRC Global Standard - Food certificates and operates according ISO 14001 (environment) standard. All production-related employees are trained internally by means of the SVO HACCP training course. This is regularly repeated to guarantee quality and food safety.
ESA is also maintaining its own quality department which cooperates with certified laboratories. This quality department ensures that the established regulations are meticulously adhered to.

VanDrie Group

The companies within VanDrie Group constitute a completely-closed production chain in the veal sector: from the selection of the calves through the home production of the cattle fodder, care of the calves and supervision of the stockbreeders, right up to the slaughter and processing and finally the sale of the products. This means that VanDrie Group has complete control over the production process, and ESA is able to give unique guarantees for its veal as well. Furthermore, integration provides the perfect response to the constantly changing consumer demands and market developments. Therefore VanDrie Group, an integrated production chain that is unique in the world.

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