Jan: a traditional Dutch name, but also a name with a rich history. Jan represents the family history of the VanDrie Group. It was Jan van Drie who, with the purchase of his first newborn calf, paved the way for us to enjoy the tastiest and highest quality veal today. Jan also uses this veal to make the most delicious ready-to-cook products. Such as veal burgers and sous-videprepared veal products. Juicy and tender. Easily digestible. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Each product made from the best cuts of veal. With a flavour that has been popular and cherished for generations.

Jan veal products are made from the best cuts of veal. The calves are carefully selected by Jan and raised in a peaceful environment. They are fed top-quality feed. Because good nutrition makes for flavourful meat. That is why Jan produces its own cattle feed. This allows us to keep quality and taste at a high level. While guaranteeing food safety. Always. For Jan, animal welfare is a key priority.

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