Online veal cuts

In the 3D veal cuts book, you can find images of the standard cuts of various parts of meat with the name and a code. Any customer specifications can easily and clearly be indicated by using the images. This way, we offer more insight and it allows us to satisfy specific customer requirements even better.

Would you like to have a quick look? Open the following link on your mobile phone and you can see a cut in 3D. You can rotate the cut to look at all sides of the meat.

Augmented Reality, on your smartphone:

Click on the button ‘Activate AR’ in the upper right, and the section of meat will appear where you are located.

Download the veal cuts app

Would you always like to have all 3D standard cuts of various veal meat parts within an arm’s reach, with the corresponding name and code? Download the veal cuts-app for IOS and Android through:



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